leads to

We are convinced that aesthetics, leads to a form of harmony and
provides well-being.

Focused on users and their behavior,
we work for the democratization of beauty
and its accessibility.

Defending a minimalist approach,
legacy of l'Ecole Suisse and the Bauhaus,
we believe in the sophistication of simplicity.

Influenced by art, architecture and design,
we break the boundaries of applied arts
to offer a global brand experience.


Bonhomme is an independent
and a human scale studio.

Morgane Urbain and Emmanuel Cruellas,
co-found Bonhomme in 2013 with the aim of producing
creative projects, accessible to all publics.

Rich in their experiences in the applied arts
and ready to wear, they quickly surround themselves
with passionate creative.

The studio offers a singular listening, a unique follow-up
and wise advice, thanks to a team of versatile talents,
constantly in technological and artistic watch.

Bonhomme is the strong partner of creative brands who believe in the power of visual and digital.

good talks
make good

The success of a project lies in the quality of a collaboration. We design with our clients communication supports recognized for their graphic quality, their innovation and their high technicality.